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Years ago, we needed to sell our daughter's house in Escazú. As any other family, we hired several realtors with no good results. Finally, after 2 years and 4 different companies, we were able to sell the house, receiving an awful price, and having to pay a big commision to someone that almost did nothing to help us.


As a family that always has been related to marketing and sales, we realized that this was not fair, and from that harsh experience, we learn that with a little of patience and good work, we could make a difference on the real state market, helping people to realize their dreams, no matter if we had to go 1 block further than others.

Since that moment, we made a commitment to give our clients, regardless of whether they needed to sell or buy, a more specialized service, including options that others simply gave as additional services.

That is why today we can say that rather than just being another real estate brokers, we are a family that offers true solutions for those who want to realize a dream, get out of a trouble, or finish a life project.



Alvaro López senior, Owner - Broker

Alvaro, is an experienced sales executive with more than 30 years of experience in different fields.

He was born and raised in Guanacaste, a rural area, where he grew up and after migrating to San José, started to work for Sears Costa Rica in the 1970´s, where he became a leading sales agent.

Over the years he worked for several major companies in the country, until he took a turn and entered the real estate business.

His philosophy has allways been to provide the best advice to clients, in order to archieve fair deals for both buyer and seller.


Alvaro López jr. Broker - Property manager

Al, is the person in charge of the property management. He brings more than a lustrum of experience in Costa Rican market.

His knowledge as business administrator technitian combined with a decade working on the audiovisual field as a producer, has made of him the perfect mix for the real estate business.

He is an expert in both commercial and residential property management. He supervises tenant relations, property maintenance, repairs and marketing, as well as vendor relations.

"Every client is an exiting challenge", he says every day.

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