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As realtors we will help you to find the place you allways dreamed, or to sell that property that does not match anymore with your needs. Let us guide you through the process that involves the real estate market.


We can help you as well to avoid a scam in Costa Rica, by offering full consulting services for legal, business, investments, and personal matters in the country.


Some of our services are:

- Support for rent or sale (present your property to potential renters or buyers, collections, renter assistance, web listings, etc.).

- Scouting and research for that property you wish.
- If you only want to keep your property in good condition, we can schedule visits and check all the inside and outside areas.
- All the maintenance required for your property such as cleaning, gardening, painting, plumbing, electricity, swimming pool care, etc.
- Utilities payment such as electricity, water, phone, Internet, cable, etc.
- Supervise the remodelings needed and hire providers for you. Also we do the paperwork and formalities.
- Control the property Government taxes, keeping them up to date.
- Get all insurances for the property or the owners if you wish to travel in Costa Rica.
- Send immediate reports of everything regarding your property by email including photos or documents as needed.
- If you have vehicles in your property we can provide additional services such as the technical revision (Riteve), basic mechanical maintenance, payment of taxes, etc.
- And much more!

Some of the services are outsourced, we work only with proven reliable providers.


You will only need to remember that your property is in Costa Rica, and leave the rest in our hands. Our fees are real competitive.


Just contact us for more information!




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